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CSAP's Western Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies Contract Information

In 1997, CASAT applied for and was awarded the cooperative agreement for CSAP's Western Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (Western CAPT).  This is one of five regional centers funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, and the U.S./Mexico Border Region. The purpose of CSAP's Western CAPT is to assist states, jurisdictions, and community-based prevention programs in the Western Region to apply scientifically-defensible strategies in their efforts to prevent substance abuse.

CSAP's Western CAPT is organized to provide useful, efficient, cost-effective, and culturally sensitive prevention application services through a comprehensive system that matches services to the technological capabilities and capacity of local community-based prevention programs. To accomplish these goals, Prevention Application Management Coordinators work with Single State Agencies and local, community-based prevention programs to develop plans designed to assist programs in applying scientifically-defensible prevention strategies. A network of local and regional technical assistance experts, skill development activities, innovative uses of electronic media, a resource repository, and production services will be available to support the plans.

The WestCAPT project director is Julie Hogan.  She can be reached at (888) 734-7476 x2267 or via her .

Link to CSAP's Western CAPT Project Website.