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July 2014

Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Coalition formerly Community Conversations.  Notes:

Reno - January 2014

Reno - February 2014

Las Vegas - January 2014

Las Vegas - February 2014

Reno-March 2014

Las Vegas March Notes

April Notes Reno

6 Strategic Initiatives from Dave March 10 meeting

SAMHSA Grant Announcement

WestCare Triage Presentation

MOST Presentation

MOST flyer

White Paper - first draft

Mental Health Coalition Information and Thoughts from Southern Nevada


Reno May Meeting 2014 notes

NN Adult Mental Health Coalition_June_2014

NNAMHC July meeting notes

Govs Council 24 recomendations

Peer Support

Ad Hoc notes May 19, 2014

Ad Hoc Notes July 7

Ad Hoc Notes Aug 5, 2014

ASI Assessment

ASI Handout

(coming soon)Technology-Assisted Care Interventions handouts

Clinical Supervision

TAP 21-A

TIP 52

TAP 21