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Socioeconomics and Prevention
(Text: A Framework for Understanding Poverty; Payne, R.)

Also Self-paced Distance Learning Format Online!


This material is designed for participants who are motivated to gain knowledge about approaching, understanding, and working with students, adults, and organizations representing the socioeconomic spectrum of poverty, middle class, and wealth. The material is written for the beginner to advanced professional in prevention, education, and related fields.


To increase the level of knowledge and understanding of the ability of economics to shape thinking and behavior. To obtain new tools which can guide preventionists and educators in creating and developing relationships that support effective cross-class communication and collaboration.

Objectives (6 hours; when choosing Option A only)

1. Learn and understand the different socioeconomic “hidden rules” which govern thinking and behavior.
2. Learn guidelines on how to effectively communicate with individuals and systems operating from different perspectives.
3. Learn about tools which support cross-class communication and movement and increase the effectiveness of prevention policies, programs, and services.

*Additional Objectives (10 hours; when choosing Option B)
* If choosing Option B, please contact a CASAT representative at or (800) 268-0356.

Upon completion of Option B, participants will be able to (in addition to Option A objectives):

4. Apply the information and skills learned in this material to a particular group or individual with whom you work.
5. Demonstrate how applying the knowledge and skills learned in this material will help you achieve a desired outcome related to your work.

Created by

Pamela Tindall, B.S., C.P.P.