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Substance Abuse Prevention Services Minor - 18 credits

The minor in Substance Abuse Prevention Services is available to all students and is particularly designed for those who are majoring in a health or social service field and are interested in the addiction prevention field as a supplement to their major. Those students majoring in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, Education, Human Development, Family Studies and Nursing, may find this minor particularly of use.

The minor will consist of 18 credits excluding an internship. Students who intend to work in the prevention field may find it helpful to take the internship class as well. A certificate program may be available in the future for those students interested in the addiction field but not interested or able to pursue their baccalaureate degree, or to students who already have their baccalaureate degree.

The curriculum is designed to lead a student from largely didactic and knowledge-based classroom experience to increasing practical application of theory through experiential classroom activities, supervised practice, observation, and practice in prevention sciences settings. The culminating activity is the internship.

To apply for the undergraduate minor and/or certificate program in Addiction Treatment and Prevention Services, complete the following: Application currently not being accepted for this minor. Please check back later.


  • CAS 154 Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction (3 credits)
  • CAS 255 Substance Abuse Prevention (3 credits)
  • CAS 340 Prevention Program Planning, Research, and Evaluation (3 credits)
  • CAS 353 Substance Abuse Prevention Theory and Praxis (3 credits)
  • CAS 453 Applied Substance Abuse Prevention Practice (3 credits)
  • CAS 438 Children and Families in a Multiethnic Society (3 credits)

Available electives beyond the 18 credit minor:

  • CAS 464(2) Substance Abuse Prevention Internship (up to 6 credits)

At this time, this minor is taught in a combined in-class and on-line format. CAS 340, 353, and 453 are only available online.

  • CAS 640: Models of Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery in Addiction is available for graduate students and grad specials in place of CAS 154.