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Methamphetamine Prevention: An Inquiry


This material is designed specifically for substance abuse prevention specialists who are interested in exploring resources that can inform their work in preventing methamphetamine use. This material will guide students in a close examination of current knowledge and practices related to methamphetamine prevention. This product is entitled, Methamphetamine Prevention: An Inquiry because it requires a thoughtful examination of drug prevention in a quest for information and truth about what will work in methamphetamine prevention. The student undertaking this task is invited to explore existing resources in an effort to understand current thinking and approaches to methamphetamine prevention. Because scholarly work on evidence-based, effective prevention strategies focusing on methamphetamine is slowly evolving, no universal, definitive approach to methamphetamine prevention has yet been crafted. We invite you to critique and synthesize the information in research and resources and create a practical, effective application after developing an in-depth foundation of knowledge.


To increase the level of knowledge of methamphetamine and current prevention strategies, and to gain new tools to apply to the prevention of methamphetamine use.

Objectives (10 hours; when choosing Option A only)

1. Learn some facts about methamphetamine.
2. Explore resources related to methamphetamine.
3. Learn about evidence-based approaches to substance abuse prevention.
4. Identify recommended governmental approaches to methamphetamine prevention.
5. Learn how a number of states are addressing methamphetamine prevention.

Additional Objectives (16 hours; when choosing Option B)

6. Synthesize and summarize information learned by exploring resources about methamphetamine and prevention.
7. Develop evidence-based strategies for methamphetamine prevention.
8. Identify ways to apply what we know about substance abuse prevention to the prevention of methamphetamine use in local communities.
9. Create a proposal for methamphetamine prevention in the professional’s community.

Created by

Pamela Tindall, B.S., C.P.P.