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Course Sequence and Pre-requisite Information (doc)

CAS 154: Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction
Overview of how involvement with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can effect health, personal, and social development. Related social, philosophical, cultural, prevention, and treatment issues.
(3 credits)

CAS 254: Signs and Symptoms of Addiction
Theories of alcohol and other drug addictions with emphasis on the signs and symptoms of problematic use as well as methods of assessment and intervention.
(3 credits)

CAS 255: Substance Abuse Prevention
Impact of addiction on development in children and families, prenatal addiction and fetal alcohol syndrome, and current prevention and education models and services.
(3 credits)

CAS 354: Screening and Client Engagement
Overview of philosophical and procedural components for providing addiction services; professional characteristics, ethical/legal issues, care options, helping process, care styles, case management.
(3 credits)

CAS 355: Individual and Group Addiction Treatment
Theories, therapies, and strategies of treating addicted individuals in individual and group sessions through class activities and experiential learning. Note: local students must register for the in-person section of this course.  Exceptions require approval of the academic program coordinator.
(3 credits)

CAS 454: Assessment and Case Management
Practical application of providing addiction services: ethical/legal issues, care options, helping process, care styles, and case management.
(3 credits)

CAS 464: Internship in Addiction Treatment and Prevention
This course is the internship for the minor and is offered in several varied sections. Students may be placed at community-based organizations and/or schools to perform prevention or addiction counseling services. Class is held once a week and students will be expected to work at their internship site 8 hours per week.
(May be repeated once for a total of 6 credits)

For Social Work majors, SW 474/674 Social Intervention in Alcohol and Drug Abuse, will be available and is a replacement for CAS 154. CAS 754, Substance Abuse Counseling, also staffed by MWATTC, will be available for graduate students and grad specials in place of CAS 154.