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Creative Leadership
(Text: The Art of Possibility; Zander, R.S., Zander, B.)


This material is designed for participants who are motivated to gain and apply knowledge about becoming passionate and inspirational communicators and leaders when working with youth, adults, organizations and communities. The material is written for the beginner to advanced professional.


To encourage discussion about leadership, relationships, management and administration of projects and service. To increase capacity to envision the world in which we live and work as one of infinite possibility. This is done through exploring the many ways in which we think about the world and reshaping our framework to enhance personal passion and our potential for creating healthy relationships.


1. Explore how we learn about and perceive our world, including the practices of “survival-thinking“ and “scarcity-thinking”.
2. Learn about how “giving an A” can help to empower individuals and relationships.
3. Explore self-concept and identity, including the “calculating self” and the “central self,” as they relate to shifting our focus from survival to opportunity.
4. Explore leadership qualities, such as passion, “enrollment,” “being the board," and “telling the WE story.”
5. Apply principles learned in the material and the material to professional applications.

Created by

Denise Sheehan, B.A., C.P.S.