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Health Promotion in Diverse Cultural Communities:
Practical Guidelines for Working in and with Diverse Cultural Communities
Gonzalez, J., Gonzalez, V., Freeman, Howard-Pitney


This material is designed for professionals who are highly motivated to gain in-depth knowledge about approaching and working with cultural communities different from his/her own.


To increase the level of knowledge and obtain new tools to work effectively with diverse cultural communities and to create and/or implement a plan to begin work with another culture.

Objectives (6 hours; when choosing Option A only)

1. Gather the appropriate and useful background information for specific cultural communities as a first step in community outreach.
2. Learn guidelines on how to establish contacts and develop relationships in a variety of cultural communities.
3. Apply tips for successful program planning and implementation in a variety of cultural communities.

*Additional Objectives (20 hours; when choosing Option B)
* If choosing Option B, please contact a CASAT representative at or (800) 268-0356.

Upon completion of Option B, participants will be able to (in addition to Option A objectives):

4. Discuss the cultural context of the community with which they are working, including historical, economic, political, traditional, medical, diet, and religion issues.
5. Report on their organization’s ability and commitment to work with the identified community.
6. Name the key leaders (both formal and informal) within the identified community.
7. Nurture working relations in the community.
8. Establish a community advisory group.
9. Identify the community needs, concerns, and priorities.
10. Identify culturally appropriate program strategies to address the program goals and objectives.

Created by

Kris Gabrielsen, M.P.H., C.P.S.