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Advanced Certificate Program in Addiction Treatment and Prevention Services

An 18-credit advanced certificate in addiction treatment and prevention services is designed for graduate level students or post master’s degreed individuals who are interested in enhancing their body of knowledge specific to addiction services. Students interested in the advanced certificate program must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college. GRE scores are not required for this certificate.

The curriculum is designed to provide an overview and state of the art information regarding services presently provided to individuals, families, organizations, and communities interested in preventing, intervening, assessing, and treating people in the area of addictions. The curriculum is as follows:


• CAS 674 Overview of Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery - 3 credits
• CEP 642b Assessment & Diagnosis - 3 credits
• CAS 637 Aging and Addiction- 3 credits
• CAS 639 Exploring Gambling Behaviors - 3 credits
• CAS 658 Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies in Addiction - 3 credits
• CAS 659 Special Topics in Addiction - 3 credits
(varied topics: Women, Co-occurring, Process Addictions, Supervision)
• CAS 660 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - 3 credits
• HDFS 680 Ethics in Human Services (or other department’s ethics course) - 3 credits
• CAS 712R The Neurosciences of Addiction - 3 credits
• CAS 759 Assessment, Treatment, and Case Management in Addiction - 3 credits
• CAS 760 Advanced Addiction Counseling in Community Settings - 3 credits
• CAS 761 Couple and Family Treatment of Addictions - 3 credits

Students working in the field or who have completed the undergraduate minor and are pursuing the advanced certificate may replace several of the courses (i.e., HCS 674 and HCS 658) with other available courses when agreed upon with their advisor in CASAT.

Application to the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) at the address below must be made prior to attending classes. Students will be notified in writing regarding the acceptance or denial of their application to the advanced certificate program. Post master’s individuals who are seeking courses to assist in waiving clinical internship hours for licensure should seek advisement and receive official approval for an abbreviated program of study.

To apply for the Advanced Certification in Addiction Treatment & Prevention Services, complete the following application form.

CASAT’s Academic Coordinator:

Meri L. Shadley, Ph.D., MFT, LADC
UNR – CASAT – Mail Stop 279
775-784-6265 e-mail:

This coursework may change depending upon advisement and course availability.